Vista Trail Project

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Project Overview

Northeast New Mexico is an area rich in renewable energy resources. To increase access to those resources, Lucky Corridor LLC, owned by Ameren Transmission, is proposing to construct a new, approximately 65-mile 345kV transmission line. The development of transmission infrastructure is a critical link to transform New Mexico and our nation’s transition to a clean 21st century economy. The Vista Trail Transmission Line Project will increase transmission capacity, bolster New Mexico’s energy transition, and spur economic growth by further investing in New Mexico’s $3 billion wind economy. Other economic benefits include job creation, generation of state and local tax revenue, and real estate payments to landowners.


  • Supporting Renewable Energy
  • Strengthening Energy Reliability
  • Affordable Rates
  • Economic Growth

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Route Selection

The Lucky Team is performing an evaluation of the study area between Taos and Springer substations to determine the potential routes for the transmission line. Our team started by using data from federal, state and local agencies, stakeholders and publicly-available data sources to create our study area. Potential routes are developed with the intent to minimize impacts to residents, their land and the natural environment, while providing a technically viable and cost-effective route. Input received from residents, agencies, government officials and community organizations in the area will help us determine which of these routes should be selected for construction.

Study Area Map

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The route for the new power line must be determined before engineers can determine structure types. Structures for the Vista Trail Project will likely be a combination of steel monopoles and h-frame designs dependent upon the final route and design.

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Lucky Corridor LLC believes the environment is an important factor when planning and designing transmission line projects. We work closely with the appropriate organizations from the beginning of projects to make sure any direct environmental impact is appropriately identified and addressed. We will be coordinating with federal, state and local agencies on permits or approvals throughout the project timeline.

Real Estate

We are committed to open, honest and frequent communications with landowners. When the final route is determined, we will contact landowners who have property on the final line route to discuss purchasing the land rights necessary to build the line. We will also discuss what to expect from our construction efforts and restoration practices. Our intent is to leave property in a state comparable to pre-construction. We will work respectfully with landowners throughout the siting, design and construction process to minimize impacts to their properties.


Lucky Corridor welcomes your feedback for this project. Comments and questions may be submitted by clicking the comment form link below:
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