Empowering New Mexico's Renewable Energy Future

Ameren Transmission Company, a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation, has recently acquired Lucky Corridor LLC. Ameren Transmission is dedicated to developing transmission infrastructure investments throughout the nation. A Fortune 500 company with more than 100 years in the energy business, Ameren has a proven track record of planning, constructing and operating over 8000 transmission miles across a variety of energy markets. We’ve had tremendous success developing and building transmission projects that deliver clean, affordable and reliable energy to communities across the Midwest. Ameren Transmission has purchased opportunities through Lucky Corridor LLC to develop projects that will enhance reliability, improve system performance and increase access to renewable energy for customers in New Mexico. We believe the transition from coal to renewable energy begins with a robust, reliable and secure transmission system.

Building Pathways for New Mexico’s Clean Energy Future

Ameren Transmission is a recognized leader in the Midwest for creating value through innovative transmission solutions. We will lend our expertise to Lucky Corridor to help build and transform critical transmission infrastructure to support New Mexico’s transition to a clean 21st century economy.

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